The Pulse downhill bike from Nukeproof saw some amazing performances from the company's team in 2013. Here's why it's in the 2014 Dirt 100:

Nukeproof Pulse Pro from 2014 Dirt 100.


In just a few short years Nukeproof have managed to make quite a name for themselves, and they’ve made some great bikes at the same time. We liked their first foray into the world of DH, the Scalp, but with the help of feedback from their world class team they managed to come up with something even better; this Pulse. Both the geometry and suspension are better than ever, and the ability to adjust the chainstay length by 10mm allows for a bit of personal fine-tuning. As ever, this Nukeproof comes complete with some top-notch components and a price tag that gives a lot of the competition something to worry about. The Pulse is a bike that is definitely capable of winning a World Cup.

PRICE: £3999.99

HOTLINES 01313 191 444


Photos by Andy Lloyd -

Here's a vid of the team doing what they do best...