A fantastic build kit on a solid frame and with a little more life than its smaller-wheeled sibling.

Nukeproof Mega from 2014 Dirt 100.


The change up to 27.5" wheels has resulted in what was already a good bike becoming a great bike. It’s not just down to the slight increase in wheel size though, as other slight changes have been carried out on the frame. It now has a bit more ‘life’ to it and Nukeproof have worked on the shock tune in order to make sure the suspension works as well as it does. The frame is still a little on the heavy side compared to some other options, but that does bring with it a reassuring feeling, something that we welcome any time the trail turns nasty. Build wise this bike is very hard to fault, coming built up with many of the parts in this Dirt 100, and you get it all for what we consider to be a very reasonable price.

PRICE: £3199.99

HOTLINES 01313 191 444


Photos by Andy Lloyd - www.alpictures.co.uk