One of the most specialised tyres we've ever come across, but in the right application it's unbeatable.


Michelin Wild Mud Advanced Reinforced

We had a bit of a 27.5" trail mud tyre problem because all of our favourites (Bonty XR Mud, Dirty Dan, Speciailzed Storm, etc.) weren’t available in the in–between size. Thankfully that situation seems to be changing, but whilst that was happening we discovered this new, and highly specialised, gem of a tyre from Michelin that will be available in both 27.5 and 29" sizes. It ain’t no trail mud tyre though, this is a specific enduro mud tyre which has been developed in collaboration with downhill and enduro legend Fabien Barel, and it’s not too far off a DH spike. In the right situation this is a phenomenal bit of rubber, but in the wrong situation it’s a beast.

Price: £56.99

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