Speed and grip are what you want from a tyre, and that's exactly what Maxxis have managed to deliver with these Ardent tyres.


Maxxis Ardent

With the Ardent tyre Maxxis have managed to strike a great blend of speed and grip. With your bike upright these roll along at a fair old pace, but then when you lean it over the aggressive side knobs come into play and give you far more grip than you’d expect from a tyre that gives you this much speed. In the 26x2.4" size this is definitely one of the best all–round enduro tyres, with a good edge and volume that can cope with a variety of conditions. If you’re running a 29’er then the 29x2.25" version is still a great tyre, but it’s definitely better suited to dry conditions.

Price: £39.99

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