Deemax from Mavic comes with a hefty price tag, but it's oh-so worth it...

Mavic Deemax on Dirt.

Mavic Deemax Ultimate

It might seem a bit perverse to subject a pair of £800 wheels to the kind of abuse that they’re going to see on a DH bike, but nevertheless these are without question our DH wheels of choice. It’s once again that old strength to weight ratio equation that makes these wheels so special. If you manage to bust one of them the chances are that you’ve bust a whole pile of other stuff too, yourself included. They are the very definition of bombproof wheels, and yet they’re lighter than many that come as standard on trail bikes. We know it’s a scary prospect to shell out this much on a set of DH wheels, but if you’re serious about racing you won’t regret it.

PRICE: £805.00

MAVIC UK 01276 404 870


Photos by Andy Lloyd Photography