Next up in our 2014 Dirt 100 selection is the 55 from Marzocchi...

Marzocchi 55 from 2014 Dirt 100.


Marzocchi’s top of the range 55 fork has been a long– term favourite of ours for two reasons really: firstly it offers great all–round performance, especially where sensitivity/grip is concerned, and secondly it can’t be beaten when it comes to reliability. We have properly abused several sets of these forks, to the point where other forks would have been screaming out for an overhaul long before, yet these just keep on feeling buttery smooth. That quality alone is worth a lot in our eyes as it means you can just get out and ride instead of worrying about how and when you’re going to get your forks serviced. There’s plenty of damping adjustment on offer too and it’s only if you’re the most demanding of riders/tinkerers that you’ll have to think about delving into the shim stacks inside. If only all forks were this reliable.

PRICE: £849.95, TAPERED £879.95

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Photos by Andy Lloyd -