The LEV from KS (Kind Shock) is one of the best dropper posts out there - it's right up there with RockShox's Reverb.

KS LEV from 2014 Dirt 100.
KS LEV from 2014 Dirt 100.


Gravity Dropper might have been the first company to produce a dropper seatpost, but it wasn’t really until KS entered the scene several years later that the whole idea really started to take off. It took off because KS gave us a glimpse of just how good these things could be. Yes their first posts weren’t perfect, but they were a huge step in the right direction. Since then they have come under some serious fire from RockShox in particular, but we think their latest LEV post definitely gives the Reverb a run for its money. We love that the cable attaches at the bottom of the post so the cable never moves or bunches up, plus the remote lever is incredibly neat too. Reliability has also been great and whilst the already neat cable mounting means the new ‘stealth’ version isn’t too important, there will be a lot of riders who will love that this post comes in a 27.2mm version.

PRICE: £300.00 – £345.00

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