Kona’s 2014 downhill bike could be a game changer for the company.

Kona Supreme Operator from 2014 Dirt 100
Kona Supreme Operator from 2014 Dirt 100


To say Kona have stepped up their game for 2014 is a massive understatement, and as you’ll see later on in this Dirt 100 this new Supreme Operator isn’t the only new Kona that’s got us excited. Concentrating on this bike for now though, we love how incredibly skinny and light it is, it really stands out amongst the often bulky crowd. It rides as good as it looks too with superb suspension that is constantly progressive. There’s not a hint of funny business with the Operator and it feels like it carries huge amounts of speed whilst simply skipping over things. If Kona can continue like this then we may well see them return to their glory days, and it’s about time too.

PRICE: £6399.00

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Remember this amazing fast-paced loud-tuned vid of Kona's Connor Fearon riding in Austria earlier in 2013? Take another look!