The Spider 29 from Intense is ridiculously fast.

Intense Spider 29 from 2014 Dirt 100.


With travel adjustable from 115mm up to just 130mm this 29’er Intense Spider is about as short travel as we tend to go, but despite being on the edge of our spectrum it is one of our favourite frames. It is just super fast. You might be thinking that any short travel bike like this will be fast, and yes they are if you are pedalling on a technically– void track, but where this one differs is that it’s built with the kind of geometry that we love, the kind of geometry that lets you carry on going fast when the trail gets more technical. Sadly we’ve found bikes of this nature to be a rare breed, but they’re a type that we love, especially if that majority of your riding isn’t super rough.

PRICE: £2799.00

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Photos by Andy Lloyd -