We at Dirt have always had a soft spot for Intense bikes – in fact the same could probably be said for most mountain bikers. The 951 EVO squeezes its 27.5" wheels into the 2014 Dirt 100, find out why:

Intense 951 from 2014 Dirt 100.


Intense were one of the first companies to play around with larger wheels in a DH bike, and so it comes as little surprise to find that this 27.5" wheeled 951 EVO is totally dialled. They’ve really got the geometry needs of the bigger wheels sorted, and this bike is super slack and has plenty of cockpit room. We’ve always liked Intense’s M9, but this frame is faster than the M9, and we like faster. In terms of characteristics it’s a bit like Scott’s Gambler in that it likes the rough stuff, but somehow this frame just seems a bit more refined. Will 27.5" wheels take off in DH? Who knows, but what we do know is this is one hell of a bike.

PRICE: £2599.00

EXTRA UK 01933 672 170


Photos by Andy Lloyd - www.alpictures.co.uk

Here's the bike in action: