It's often the simple details that make a great product, and in the case of the Gravity Light stem that's certainly true.

Easton Havoc stem on Dirt.
Easton Havoc stem on Dirt.


So often companies get a bit carried away when it comes to making stems, they seem to feel like they have to do things differently just for the sake of it, but this Gravity Light stem just goes to prove that a simple and timeless design can be hard to beat. With no fancy gubbins it simply gets the job done, and the forged and then machined construction means that despite weighing only 145g it is every bit as stiff and strong as it needs to be. We think the end result looks good too, plus it’s not exactly expensive. With a 6° rise we’ve often flipped this stem over to help lower the front end of a bike, and maybe it’s just in our heads, but often the 45mm length seems much better than a 50mm.

PRICE: £54.95

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