If you want to record your exploits then there's nothing better than the GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition.


GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition

As hard as the competition might have tried we reckoned that GoPro already had this category sewn up yet again with their incredible Hero3 Black Edition, but then as if to rub salt into the wound they launched this ‘+’ version which improves performance even further in almost every area. This one is lighter, smaller, has a longer battery life, works even better in low light, has improved audio performance… the list just goes on. The quality of the footage from this camera is second to none and when you combine that with the best and most versatile mounting system you start to wonder if anyone will ever better this thing. If you can’t quite justify the cost of this top model then the cheaper GoPro’s are still superb bits of kit, but considering what this one is capable of doing we think it’s an absolute bargain.

Price: £359.99