There are a few good piss pot lids out there, but we think Giro's Section just edges ahead of the competition.


Giro Section

To be honest it was a pretty tough call to name our favourite piss pot lid, but Giro’s Section has just managed to squeeze out the rest of the competition and take the award this year. Just like the other front runners the Section blends piss pot styling with trail lid ‘In–Mould’ technology, and the result is a helmet that really does weigh next to nothing. What made us pick this one over the others? Well we have to admit we just love the finish of this one, both in terms of the simple, yet great looking colours that it’s available in, and the overall quality of construction. Giro certainly know their onions when it comes to making helmets and despite this one having such an affordable price tag it is finished just as well as their high–end offerings.

Price: £44.99

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