E Thirteen.


If you’ve decided to run a 1x10 or a 1x9 set–up on your trail bike then you’re probably going to want to run some kind of chain guide. I say probably because the introduction of ‘narrow/wide’ chainrings has meant that you can now get away without running anything, but if you’re going down the chain guide route then all you really need is a top guide like this one. Yes you could run a full one for ultimate chain security, but then it wouldn’t be silent and drag–free like one of these.

This XCX+ is our favourite of its type firstly because it is available in a huge range of different mounting options, so you can always find one to fit, and secondly because it’s so well made and easy to use.

PRICE: £44.95 – £89.95

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Photos by Andy Lloyd - www.alpictures.co.uk