These puppies from e*thirteen are tough as nails, perhaps the longest lasting flats we've ridden.

E13 on Dirt.


We get through an unbelievable amount of flat pedals here at Dirt. Some seem to just go missing, others fall apart, and then there’s the odd rare pair that survive everything that gets thrown at them, and consequently they’re never let out of our sight for fear of losing them. These pedals most definitely fit in that final category. We would say their longevity lies in their replaceable wear plates, but to be honest we still haven’t needed to replace them. They just keep coming back for more. Even the pins seem to be indestructible. The shape of them is great too, and when you do ground them out the polycarbonate seems to hook up less than metal. We’re not too bothered about the adjustable spin control, but the bearings last well, and if you’re a gram counter then this Ti axle version is the one you want.

PRICE: LG1R £TBC, LG1+ £119.00

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Photos by Andy Lloyd -