The desire for a super short stem is paramount in the age of swollen wheels and elongated frames. This offering from Easton is one of the best:

Easton Havoc stem on Dirt.
Easton Havoc stem on Dirt.

Easton Havoc stem

We always used to find that there were a handful of bikes that worked better with a super short stem such as this 35mm offering from Easton, but now that wheel sizes have increased so too it seems has the number of bikes that benefit from a stem of this size. So yeah we love this Havoc stem because so often we find it is the key to unleashing a bike’s full potential. Of course the fact that this stem is also one of the most beautifully finished certainly doesn’t hinder its chances of getting into the Dirt 100, and neither does the ‘Top Lock’ bar clamp which looks both super neat and helps to avoid uneven stresses on your bars, so even if you think 35mm is a bit short for you we’d whole heartedly recommend one of the longer versions too.

PRICE: £79.99

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Photos by Andy Lloyd -