If proof was ever needed that you don't require carbon rims to make a strong, light and stiff set of wheels, then here's the proof.


DT XM 1550 Tricon 29

If you can’t stretch to a set of the Easton carbon wheels (and we’d imagine that’s most people), then these are the next best thing if you’re after a set of 29" wheels. Unfortunately even these will still set you back a grand, but from our experience decent 29" wheels are one area where there doesn’t seem to be a cheap option. Sadly we’ve lost count of the number of lesser 29" wheels that we’ve written off, but a pair of these have had a full year of hard action put on them and they’re still faultless. Impressive indeed. Some of their strength must come down to the very high spoke tension that the Tricon design allows to be used, but we can’t help but think the rims themselves must be pretty special too. Oh, and it goes without saying that the hubs are too.

Price: £999.98

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