Sometimes a product just grabs us, and the Blacklabel bars from Deity did just that.

Bars from 2014 Dirt 100.
Bars from 2014 Dirt 100.


You know that feeling you get when something just feels right? Well that’s exactly the feeling we got when we first used these bars. Obviously preferred bar shape is a bit of a personal thing, but these seem to tick the box for all of us here at Dirt. Bar shape is a funny thing too because although a huge number of manufacturers seem to be going down the same 9° backsweep and 5° upsweep route that Deity have taken with these bars, they all seem to feel a little different. Not everything is as it seems on paper then. At 787mm wide they are plenty wide enough too, in fact most riders will probably want to trim them down a touch, but even at full width they only weigh 306g. So yeah, we like these bars a lot.

PRICE: £59.99

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Photos by Andy Lloyd -