Cube's bikes have made quite an impression on us in the last couple of years, and this Fritzz is certainly no exception.

Cube Fritzz from 2014 Dirt 100.


A few years ago the name Cube didn’t even register on our radar, but then along came their Stereo and we were hooked. This 27.5" wheeled, 160mm travel Fritzz builds on the success of that bike, and crucially it’s also home to the excellent low–slung geometry. Cube definitely have their own take on suspension, with this bike having a fair old bit of resistance at the start before then going regressive. Out of the box it needs a few tweaks, but some riders seem to get on with it, and with a bit of shock tuning work we’ve got it to work well. Talking of the rear shock, this particular model is a great entry–level enduro package but if you’ve got the money the frame does warrant a shock upgrade at some point.

PRICE: £1799.00

CUBE BIKES UK +31 103 403 502


Photos by Andy Lloyd -

Here's a vid of Cube rider Nicolas Lau if you were in any doubt of the capabilities of Cube's bikes (Nicolas crushed the enduro scene in the late part of 2013 winning Trans Provence and setting blistering times at the Enduro World Series finals).