Canyon is one of the German brands leading the value for money revolution. You certainly get at awful lot of bike for your buck where this Torque DHX is concerned.

Canyon Torque DHX from Dirt 100 2014


Canyon’s Torque has made it into the Dirt 100 in the past thanks to its combination of great performance and price. Considering that its performance has been upped for 2014 it remains as competitively priced as ever and it should come as no surprise to see that we’ve picked it once again. At the heart of the bike lies a great 4–bar frame that shows the kind of attention to detail that some bikes costing twice as much could learn from. It’s light too, with great geometry, and a great ride. Sounding good? Well now hang from that frame most riders’ dream kit list. That’s what you get with this bike. Even the cheapest £1899.99 version of this bike comes with some capable kit on it, making any version of this frame well worth a look.

PRICE: £3199.00

CANYON UK 02085 496 001


Photos by Andy Lloyd -

UPDATE: As some of the eagle-eyed among you picked up, we couldn't get hold of the exact model in time for the photo shoot. For that reason we bring you these shots courtesy of Canyon: