BTR’s Ranger is a true handmade frame from the UK and we love it.

BTR Ranger from 2014 Dirt Mag 100.


We always like to support the little guys, but we love to support them even more when they produce a product as good as this Ranger. If we’re honest some of us here at Dirt aren’t too keen on the looks of this bike, but when a bike rides as well as this one does you can forgive it for anything. Of course with a hardtail almost everything comes down to geometry, and this is where this frame rules. For hardcore trail riding or enduro racing this frame is simply unbeatable. Aside from the geometry though we love the hand built nature of this frame, it’s a proper custom build. There’s good use of tubing too, and well thought out details like dropper post compatibility. You can tell this frame is built by someone who lives and breathes riding, and that’s why we love it so much.

PRICE: £675.00


Photos by Andy Lloyd -