Hmmm, a discontinued line, but if you're in the second-hand market we still recommend these. If you want something even better then you'll want to have a look at the new SRAM Guide brakes though - essentially the same with an improved lever.

Avid X0 Trail brakes on Dirt.

Avid X0 Trail brakes

We’ve always loved the performance and feel of Avid brakes, but it has to be said that we haven’t always loved their reliability. Thankfully though those days of inconsistent performance now seem to be long gone, meaning we can now just enjoy them for what they are. What are they? Bloody brilliant that’s what. It really is impossible for us to separate these brakes from Shimano’s XTR brakes. They both offer ample power for all but the most extreme DH use, they both provide great modulation, and they’re both beautifully finished. The decision as to which you should go for will probably just come down to which lever you prefer the feel of as both brakes do have unique and distinctive feels, but it’s impossible to say one is  better than the other as it all comes down to personal taste.

PRICE: £219.99 each



Photos by Andy Lloyd Photography (he says "check out the new website")