You might be wondering why our ‘money no object’ pick from SRAM isn’t their top of the range XX groupset, but to be honest we think it’s a step too far. We might well have chosen it last year, but that was because at the time it was the only 10 speed system available, whereas now X0 offers almost identical performance for a fair bit less money. For example, the new cassette might not be quite as trick or light as the XX one, but it is still insanely light compared to anything else out there and it costs over a hundred quid less.

The carbon cranksare pretty special too, especially when compared to the price of competitors’ carbon cranks. Actually the entire X0 groupset is pretty special to say the least, but then you’d expect a groupset that costs even more than XTR to be nothing less. It might sound a little perverse, but we actually think X0 can justify its cost, it’s that good

Chceck out the Sram X0 Rear Derailleur

rear mech: £209.99 shifters: rh £119.99, pair £212.99 chainset: £379.99 cassette: £199.99

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