We might have said that most riders wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between XTR and SLX if blindfolded, but that still doesn’t stop us from wanting it on our bikes. That might sound stupid, but the fact is that if you kit a bike out with XTR it will be noticeably lighter than if you don’t, and as always with XTR there’s a definite feel of precision. It is a luxury, there’s no doubt about it, but if you can afford it then it’s a great luxury to be able to have, and this new 10 speed stuff is definitely the best XTR there’s ever been... even if it is only because it allows us to comfortably run just a single ring up front.

Check out the Shimano XTR Rear Derailleur

rear mech: £139.99 shifters: £149.99

chainset: £399.99 cassette: £179.99