The new XTR groupset is impressive as a whole, but it’s undoubtedly these brakes that stand out as the highlight. The power that they produce makes you seriously question the need to ever run the much heavier Saint brakes, and the level of control is just as impressive. Apart from the great performance and all the adjustment bells and whistles you could ever ask for, you also get the somewhat revolutionary ‘IceTech’ pads and rotors. The cooling fins on the pads, along with a sandwich design rotor (a layer of aluminium in between two layers of stainless steel), results in far greater heat dissipation than a normal system, and it’s a difference you really can notice on longer descents. All we’re hoping for now is that Shimano start making these rotors in a 6–bolt version rather than just Centre–Lock so that everyone can benefit, but sadly we don’t think that’ll be happening for quite some time. Superb brakes though even without the fancy rotors.

Check out the Shimano XTR Trail Brakes

Brakes: £169.99 rotors: £44.99 – £54.99