If you’re putting together a new custom build and you’re having to make compromises elsewhere because of some flash drivetrain that you’ve set your heart on, then think again, because if most riders were blindfolded they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between SLX and XTR, and yet the wedge you save almost equates to a new set of forks. Let’s face it, most of this stuff is going to wear out too, so if you’ve got some more money when that time comes you can always upgrade then. SLX is just amazing value for money, especially now that technologies like 10spd have trickled down to it. We just wish they’d make a shorter cage rear mech though, but if you can’t live with this one it doesn’t cost too much to upgrade to an XT which does come in a shorter version.

Chceck out the Shimano SLX Rear Mech

rear mech: £49.99 shifters: rh £29.99, pair £59.99

chainset: £139.99 cassette: £49.99