This Myst is hopefully the shape of things to come. With DH race bike prices seemingly soaring by the day, it’s great to see a company putting together such a well thought out package that costs less than many frames do. Crucially Saracen have hit the geometry nail on the head, and although the relatively basic shock and fork don’t offer quite the composure of more expensive offerings, you’ve got to be pushing them hard to find their weaknesses. If you’re starting out in DH this bike is a great place to begin because for one it’s a very neutral bike, and secondly as your skill progresses you can upgrade the fork and shock to release the frame’s full potential. Thankfully with the likes of Kona, Nuke Proof, YT Industries and Mondraker also playing the value DH game in 2011 it looks like this is a trend that’s set to continue, and just check out the frame only price with an upgraded shock!

Price: £2299.99, Frame only £1399.99 inc fox dhx rc2 & gravity headset.