With umpteen years of refinement, including the new carbon front end, the classic that is the V10 has continually stepped things up and is one of the best thought–out frames around. Apart from the stronger and lighter carbon construction there have also been several other welcome changes for 2011. There are now four sizes to enable a perfect fit, and they’ve all got longer too, so if you’re upgrading from an older version don’t automatically go for the same size. We also like the addition of an 8.5" travel setting for smoother tracks, and it’s great to see a company supplying a frame like this with a Cane Creek Angleset headset as standard. That means the head angle can be set anywhere between 63º and 66º. Overall this bike is just seriously quick, leaving you little room for an excuse, especially if you go for the Ltd. edition Team Replica build at £7499!

price: £2899.99 inc vivid 5.1 (vivid air + £270, fox dhx rc4 + £200)

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