We were surprised that it took so long for a big name to get involved in the adjustable seatpost game, but it was worth the wait. All of RockShox’s expertise in hydraulics and seals have resulted in a product that is everything that we dreamed of. Crucially it has a full five inches of adjustment, and because of its hydraulic nature this is infinitely adjustable, in the smoothest manner we’ve ever come across. The return speed can also be altered by changing the air pressure, and movement is controlled by an equally smooth hydraulic remote lever.

No cables to get grotty here. The little design touches, like the slightly offset hose entrance to the seatpost to make the routing as smooth as possible, just make it even better, as of course do the class leading seals which are a major failing of most other designs. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone can beat this post, but the latest news is that Fox are certainly making an effort. All we can say for now though is that one of the best inventions in recent years is finally living up to its full potential.

Check out the Rockshox Reverb Seat Post

Price: £274.99

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