It might surprise some of you to see a pair of standard rather than Lock–On grips in this list, but these ones are so special that they’ve made us reconsider. The fact that they haven’t got a plastic core means that they can be super thin and yet still soft, and with the aid of Renthal’s own grip glue they stay in place just as well as a Lock–On (ask any MX rider).

What makes these better than other standard grips though is that they come in four different compounds; firm, medium, soft, and Kevlar. The Kevlar ones are where it’s at though, they’re well worth the extra few quid. They provide incredible grip and comfort without falling apart in five seconds like any other grip this soft would. A revelation if you suffer from pain in your hands, but worth a try even if you don’t.

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Price: £9.99 – £11.99

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