If you thought that the legendary Profile cranks couldn’t get any better then think again. Admittedly it must be the first major change to the classic design in decades, but it’s a good ‘un. Rather than relying on a single bolt that’s screwed into the crank arm to hold the chainring or spider in place, these new ‘No Boss’ cranks are designed to be used with a ring or spider that mounts directly onto the splines just like the arms themselves do. The result is a stronger, stiffer, and lighter set up and it makes the old way of doing things seem positively archaic. Profile have also introduced a new external bearing bottom bracket to improve things even further, which means there’s now no doubting whatsoever that these are the best dirt jump cranks that money can buy. Saying that, with a titanium axle to keep the weight down there’s no reason why these wouldn’t be great on any bike.

cranks: £140.95 oUtboard euro bb: £48.95 spline drive spider: £63.95

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