No longer it seems is it enough to just recount your latest trail exploits whilst down your local, now it has to be global in the form of a video. In the process of providing World Cup coverage we’ve tried pretty much every helmet cam there is, but this particular one keeps coming out on top. The main area in which it scores big points over others is when it comes to mountings.

The Go Pro is just so versatile and with a little bit of ingenuity it can be securely mounted to pretty much anything. It’s crucially also waterproof and able to withstand crashes, and although it hasn’t got a screen to check where you’re filming the wide angle lens means that’s not really an

issue because you capture everything anyway. Of course it wouldn’t be any good if the video quality was poor, but it’s far from poor with a great ability to deal with sudden changes in light levels.

Check out the Go Pro HD Cam

PrIce: £295.95

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