As we must have said a million times now, the introduction of the 10 speed 11–36 ratio cassette has meant that for the vast majority of trail riding nothing more than a single ring is needed up front. That of course means you can bin your front mech and shifter, but you still need something to stop your chain flying off. You could use a lightweight DH chain device, but even the best ones still produce a little noise and drag. That’s fine on a DH run, but on a long ride it can soon start to piss you off, and that’s where this comes in. When correctly set up you won’t even notice it’s there, and although it might not provide quite the same amount of chain security as a full blown device, even if the chain does bounce off the bottom it won’t come off completely and you can easily pedal it back on, often without even noticing. Proof, if ever it was needed, that we’re not the only ones that think 1x10 is the way to go.

Check out the MRP 1.X Chain Device

Price: £39.99

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