Sadly our DH mud tyre of choice from last year, the Hutchinson Rhino, is no longer being brought into the country, but the good news is that Michelin have stepped into the fold with this new tyre. Some of you may remember the original Michelin DH mud tyres which were equally as good as these, but then it was almost as if Michelin got too caught up in the ultra soft rubber game because the later versions managed to go too soft.

Anyway, they obviously learnt from the mistake of tall knobs that almost collapse in the breeze as this latest incarnation is just like the tyres of old with a great balance of grip and support. The central knobs aren’t too high either, so you don’t have to spend ages cutting them down. Michelin might well be calling this a new tyre, but we see it more as a return to an absolute classic.

Check out the Michelin Wilddig'r Descent

Price: £38.99

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