The Maxxpro Minion isn’t so much a great all–round trail tyre, it’s a great all–rounder full stop. If you’re the kind of rider who might do a morning of uplift followed by a trail ride in the afternoon, and you want to do everything on the same set up then this is one of the few tyres that’ll do both without too much compromise.

The tread provides a load of grip without being too slow, and even the lightest casing version has more meat to it than say the Bontrager XR4, and so it’s up for some hammering. It’s a great choice for enduro style races too, and if you’re after even more grip you can always run a Super Tacky up front and keep this harder one at the back. Talking of the rear, don’t bother with the rear version of the Minion because this one provides plenty enough braking and acceleration grip whilst giving better cornering and rolling performance

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Check out the Maxxis Minion F

Price: £24.99 – £44.99

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