With 150mm of travel this fork may well be at the bottom of the RC3 Ti family in terms of travel, but that doesn’t stop us from loving it any less than the 888’s or 55’s. It shares all the same reliability and performance characteristics that the combination of the open bath RC3 damper and titanium coil spring produces in the other forks, but to get that kind of performance, in what is essentially a trail riding fork, is perhaps even more impressive.

Actually, rather than being so impressed we should be asking why nobody has shrunk a DH fork sooner? Why should a fork not benefit from the same technologies just because it has less travel? Anyway, we’re just glad someone has, because for just a couple of hundred grams more than the lightest equivalent air fork you can have the smoothest and most reliable 150mm of travel there is.

Check out the Marzocchi 44 RC3 TI

price: £649.95

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