No matter how much we all try to profess not to be competitive, deep down I think we all are, even if it’s just on a personal level, and the superb Freelap system allows that streak to come out wherever and whenever you like. Put two poles on a track and you’ve instantly got yourself a race, or I suppose an ideal training setup. The full system might not be cheap, but if a few mates club together for the poles then you can easily get it down to the cost of a night out each, and then that just leaves you having to bite the bullet when it come to the watch. With an ever increasing number of venues like Gawton installing permanent Freelap equipment it now means that even buying just the watch is a worthwhile purchase. Hopefully one day we’ll see the world covered in Freelap poles...

Check out the Freelap Watch

Check out the Freelap Timing Pole

PrIce: watch £160.98, pole £91.65

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