If you’re wondering what’s quite so special about a bottle of latex tyre sealant that warrants it a place in the Dirt 100 then the simple answer is that this stuff foams and all the other ones don’t. That might not sound like much, but in practice it makes a big difference. When you’re trying to get tubeless–ready, and standard tyres in particular, to seal, this gunk makes the job so much easier than when you try to use conventional sealants because it rapidly fills the entire tyre rather than just pooling in one place. Because of that quality it also seems to work particularly well at sealing any sidewall cuts whilst riding. So, if you’re going down the tubeless route in any shape or form you should get yourself a bottle of this stuff.

Check out the Effetto Caffe Latex Sealant (1litre) and the Effetto Latex Injector

Dirt 100-p001-Cover2.indd
Dirt 100-p001-Cover2.indd

Price: £24.99 (1 litre)

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