We loved the MTX last year and we’ve continued to hammer them on different bikes this year. The MTX 29 rim is one that has endured more punishment than Max Mosley in an after hour’s dominance party. I’d say the Sun rim deals with the abuse a whole lot better than the aforementioned too. A few seasons of heavy landings, a severe lack of maintenance and the wheels are still running pretty straight and true where others have been consigned to the bin. Available as a pinned or welded rim, the welded version will set you back a few more £’s but is worth it for the added strength.

£54.99 welded (£34.99 sleeved)

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MAVIC 729:

This rim is a benchmark classic for downhill and heavy trail riding or freeride. It strikes a reasonable balance between weight and strength, and whilst they are no featherweights these rims can take a good thrashing. The only damage generally occurs at low tyre pressures from ‘rimming–out’ and denting either side of the rim in the harsher downhill trails. For heavy trail riders you won’t get a more solid rim and at 29mm width it gives most 2.3 – 2.5" tyres a perfect profile, unlike wider rims which tend to flatten the tyre tread. All in all they’re solid performers and reasonably priced.



This tubeless UST all–mountain rim from Mavic offers trail riders a good tubeless set–up that can handle some heavy abuse. Whilst they aren’t cheap they are a quality product and are definitely best in class. The 819 isn’t suitable as a downhill rim, as they are a little too narrow to support tyres wider than 2.3, but for trail riders who hit the descents hard at trail centres around the country the 819’s will build up into a solid and reasonably lightweight tubeless package that should stay true for a long time.