This tyre has been a revelation for some of us here, after years of riding up and down hill on Maxxis’ High Rollers and Minions, fitting a pair of these is like strapping a rocket pack to your back; they are fast rolling tyres, whilst still maintaining excellent grip in all but soft dirt and mud. Show them a nice baked trail or some ‘three–quarter–to–dust’ and they are untouchable. Best used as a rear tyre and paired up with an Advantage or similar on the front, but some use the Crossmarks happily as a front and rear pairing. There are various options available; with 2.1 and 2.3 widths, Kevlar and steel beads and LUST tubeless and non– tubeless. 2.1 is bang on the money for most people.

£17.99 – £34.99

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