Moving on in our 2014 Dirt 100 selection, we bring you one machine that defines German engineering: Nicolai's ION 20.

Nicolai ION 20 from 2014 Dirt 100.


Thanks to their insane attention to detail, perfectionism and ability to offer full custom options on all their frames we’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Nicolai. Some of you might not think their bikes are beautiful in the traditional sense, but if you have any appreciation for incredible engineering then you can’t fail to spot the beauty in them. This particular one blends all those qualities with a classic, and highly effective 4–bar suspension design, 27.5" wheels, and some spot–on geometry. Needless to say the end result is pretty special to say the least, and we think it’s amazing that you can get something handmade in Germany to this kind of exceptional standard, for a price that’s no more than many mass–produced Far East offerings.


NICOLAI UK 07818 076 957


Photos by Andy Lloyd -

Here's a vid of the Gates/Nicolai team in action on their DH and 4X bikes at the World Cup finals: