Mud tyres used to be a race-only option and only considered when the going got seriously gloopy. Nowadays though, with the introduction of tyres such as this Mud King from Continental, mud tyres have taken on an altogether more versatile guise.

Just like Specialized’s offering, this one measures in at 2.3" and has a soft compound rubber, both of which equate to a tyre that can perform through a variety of surfaces, and definitely not just heavy mud. The Mud King rolls surprisingly well for a tyre of its genre and its reinforced sidewalls make it one of the most solid, confidence inspiring options available.

There’s also a thinner 1.8" trail option which we love to use for aggressive winter-time trail riding. Rounding a great package off is the tyre’s mud-shedding ability; get some speed up and the tyre is clear within seconds and ready to tackle the next challenge.

Price:: £54.95