Yeti has always been a brand capable of putting out the most enviable and coveted bikes, and the ASR5 unquestionably falls into both of those brackets, but we like it for more than its beauty and craftsmanship, its out and out speed is what does it for us.

As Yeti put it, it’s a “4.75lb Yeti frame with 5" of travel". It’s ridiculously light then, thanks mostly to the frame’s minimalist lines and carbon fibre construction. It’s one of the few frames that’s made us go “f**k that’s light" when we’ve picked it up. Yeti suggest either a 120 or 140mm fork and tout it as an all-mountain bike with cross country weight. To be honest though, we just love going hell-for-leather on any UK single-track ride as it is the fastest, most nimble bike on that style of trail that we have ever ridden, a real treat.

Never cheap, Yeti’s aren’t all made in their Colorado factory these days either, but looking at the beautiful frame and knowing full well that so many hours of devotion and passion have gone into it makes it more than worth the money…and that’s before you’ve even ridden it. If your cash won’t stretch this far though then consider the version with an aluminium front end as it’s still an absolute belter.

Price: Carbon £2199.00, Aluminium £1599.00

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