The benefit of having the sport’s ‘godfather’, Gary Fisher, involved with the genetics of your bike is that you know you not only have several decades worth of innovation and experience, but you also have one of the originators of the idea behind ‘wagon wheels’; 29ers. In short, GF’s involvement with Trek’s range of big-wheeled bikes means that they gain the knowledge of someone who has worked on the geometry necessary to make a 29er ride well, and someone who is genuinely interested in advancing the sport. That geometry is apparent with this Rumblefish which has one of the best and most natural riding positions of any 29er.

This bike also comes with all the Trek tags including ABP (Active Braking Pivot) and their own DRCV suspension platform developed alongside Fox which gives a great ride – smooth and supple with a ‘bottomless’ feeling, and it’s nice to see a company paying so much attention to the finer details. One thing that’s evident is that this is a lot of bike. It is relatively heavy and gives a ‘relaxed’ ride when compared to some trail bikes, but that only adds to its potential to destroy everything but the roughest of rides.

Price: £3250.00

Trek UK 01908 282 626