Moving into the ‘mini-DH’ category with this fine offering from Transition, we first have to question where this particular style of bike sits in a list of practicality versus desirability? Although perhaps not best suited to those lucky enough to be living in fierce mountains, or those experienced enough to need a race ready downhill bike, this scaled-down version of the TR450 could be exactly the bike that day-to-day UK riders are crying out for.

With a talented crew of international pro riders and racers (remember Sam Dale took 12th place in the 2012 World Champs on-board his TR450) testing these bikes, and an equally talented crew at Transition designing them, it’s not surprising that this bike has turned out as rad as it has. Ignore the credentials on paper though, it’s when you get this bike out on the hill you start to realise just why it is gaining quite a reputation amongst those in the know – it is ridiculously fun and fast!

It’s easy to pick up off the ground and throw around, pedals amazingly compared to most full-bore DH bikes, is nimble enough to be fun at lower speeds, and it looks amazing too. If fun is more important to you than a stopwatch, then maybe a ‘mini-DH’ bike is just what you’re looking for.

Price: Frame £2100.00, Complete £4200.00

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