The introduction of ‘clutch’ rear mechs has almost done away with the need for a full chain device on anything less than a downhill bike. The extra control leads to far fewer issues with the chain jumping around over every bump, but if you are racing in enduro events or simply riding hard then you will still want to ensure your chain’s security.

This simple chainguide by Superstar provides just what you need; a guide to stop any potential issues at the top of the chain-ring whilst ditching the bottom roller, meaning lower friction. Quite a number of top enduro racers (including Nicolas Vouilloz) have been seen racing with only the top part of a chainguide too, which is surely all the convincing that you need. We’re not going to recommend these for downhill use as you still want all the security you can get, but set your enduro bike up with a clutch mech and one of these chainguides and reap the friction-free benefits.

There is now a load of these designs on the market, including a couple from the big names, but we’ve found that this Superstar one works as well as any and costs a fraction of what some of the others do.

Price: £16.99

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