Before you say it (probably on a forum or on the Dirt site’s comment box), yes we know that the UK distributor doesn’t bring this bike over from America. However, it is such a good bike that we simply couldn’t leave it out of the list.

We’ve gone a bit 29er mad with this year’s selection of trail bikes but who could blame us when a bike like the Stumpjumper Evo 29 rides like it does? Contrary to popular belief (and some of us at Dirt have taken quite some persuading), big wheels can give a fun ride, and Specialized have done ‘fun’ better than anyone. Feeling more like a 4X bike when it’s under you, the Stumpjumper is nippy, nimble and throwable, yet it seems to handle technical and rough ground just as well as any six-inch travel 26" wheeled bike.

This 29er offers 140mm of travel, something that not many manufacturers have yet produced, yet it climbs as well as a 120mm cross country bike and has the stability of all but the most raked-out 160mm 26" wheeled bikes. We love the ride of the Stumpjumper and in its souped-up EVO form it is ready to take on anything you can throw at it, jumps and all.

Price: Complete $6,400.00