Specialized’s offering in the full mud department is this Storm DH tyre which is one of the most aggressive tread patterns you’ll find on any tyre.

Super wide spacing between the knobs ensures great mud-shedding capabilities and their massive spikes mean that they’ll cut through even the worst of muddy bogs. Sizing wise these seem pretty wide for a 2.3" which only makes them more versatile, and when you combine that with a great 42a compound rubber you have a spike tyre that can perform in more than just mud. It’ll give you confidence through roots and rocks that some ‘conventional’ (narrower, harder compound) spikes can’t offer.

As with the Butcher the casing is of superb quality, and along with Maxxis, the two brands seem to have mastered the strength to weight ratio that limits pinch flats without turning your bike into an immovable lead weight.

PRICE: £45.00

Specialized UK 02083 913 500