The Status, since its introduction as a replacement for the much-loved Bighit, has been all about fun, reliability and most importantly, affordability.

Specialized wanted to make a bike that riders with a budget that wouldn’t stretch to a full-on downhill bike could afford and that would still be worthy of racing and capable in all bike park shredding scenarios. If the Mondraker Summum is extreme then the Status is conservative; 64.5degree non-adjustable head-angle, 200mm non-adjustable travel, non-adjustable wheelbase, non-adjustable BB height...you get the point.

It’s basic by modern downhill bike standards, but what we have here is a perfect bike for the everyday downhiller, anyone who wants to tear up Whistler, the Alps or even Cwmcarn in Wales. It’s simplicity is its strength and for those who don’t want to tailor their bike to every track, who’d rather wheel the bike out of the garage at the weekend and know how it is going to perform, this could well be the downhill bike to have.

Price: £2500.00

Specialized UK 02083 913 500