There are plenty of 160mm travel mountain bikes out there, but Specialized definitely have a hold on the competition; very few bikes even come close to the Enduro, it is the absolute king of its class.

If you’re riding rugged mountains, pedalling up and thrashing back down, then you need something of this calibre, something light enough to be ridden and carried where necessary, yet versatile enough to tackle even the most technical of descents. The Enduro has dominated the category since its inception with its unbeatable geometry, stability and ride character for a bike of this travel.

For 2013 the Specialized engineers wanted to make the bike even more competitive and that is exactly what they have done. Incredibly this one pedals better, it drives you forward even faster than the original could. This has been achieved through some hard work on the linkage and therefore the leverage ratio of the shock, allowing the bike to retain its unbeatable ride quality. The only other notable change to the bike’s previous incarnations is a slightly shorter head tube to lower the stack height at the front end.

If you like the look of events like the Trans Provence race (and who doesn’t?) - adventure, epic downhills and self-propelled climbs – then get yourself an Enduro. This is the best bike for it.

Price: Complete £3000.00

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